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Jake Holroyd kicks off Performing Arts Original Pieces

Every year at the University of Cumbria, final year performing arts students are given the task of producing their very own original show. Whether they choreograph, write, direct or star in their show, the work must be completely original. The Informer is previewing a different original piece every week during originals season, this week it’s [...]

Graduates put off uni by fees increase

DEMO2012, protesting the fees increase. Photo: Rebekah Ruddock Many Cumbria University graduates wouldn’t have received their degrees had they been affected by the fees increase. After collecting their degrees at Carlisle Cathedral, some graduates told The Informer how they might not have bothered at all if they had to pay triple tuition fees, and some [...]

The end of the British music festival?

If you are hoping to get to a British music festival this summer, you’ll be disappointed that there aren’t any. You may, however, buy tickets to see the top 10 singles chart come together to play the same set list up and down the country. Festivals attract thousands of people, and their easily lead wallets, every year [...]

‘The only person who can help Gazza is himself’

Paul Gascoigne has made the headlines once again in the last couple of weeks, after his appearance at a charity event in Northampton. The former England star, 45, shook and sobbed during a question and answer session, which was cut short as a result. Fans were said to be ‘shocked’ by his appearance. This prompted [...]

Student band to play all-day charity cancer gig

L to R: Adam Millington, ‘The Sloath’ – Drums; Celt Davies Kenny, ‘Celt’ – Vocals/Guitar; Arron Frodsham, ‘The Wizard’ – Guitar; and Jonathan Snodgrass, ‘Alchemist’ – Bass Guitar Lancashire Metal act Mammoth Axe, featuring current and former Cumbria students, are making their live debut this Saturday at an all day gig at the Yorkshire House [...]

Disappointing student turn out for six quid special

It was a disappointment not only on the field, where the side lost 3-0, but also in the stands when around 30 students turned up to see Carlisle United clash with Walsall, despite the discounted student tickets. The University of Cumbria and Carlisle College teamed up with Carlisle United at the back end of last [...]

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    Cumbria’s Gay Friendly University

      Our university has been named one of the most gay friendly universities in the UK. A survey by Stonewall, a prominent gay rights charity, ranked the University of Cumbria in the top four lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) friendly uni’s in the North West. Gay by Degree rated universities on ten criteria, including [...]

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