UCSU could reach out to students more

The University of Cumbria’s Student Union needs to advertise itself more according to some students.

Jenny Sewell says her experience at Bristol University was better


The Informer spoke to two UoC students who have previously studied at a different university before coming to Cumbria. We found out the differences between the UCSU and their respected previous universities.

Jessica Clulow, a performing arts student studied at the University of Kent before coming to the UoC gave her opinion.

“I dont know too much about the Student Union here, they advertise themselves at Freshers but then fizzle out after that. If there are any problems you are sent to the Student Union Office but nine times out of ten it is closed and you get sent somewhere else.”

Jenny Sewell, a physiotherapist student told us of her experiences with the University of Bristol’s Student Union: “Bristol was better, it actually did stuff, it would book dance classes, it would put on a massive Freshers Fayre, barbeques. I don’t know of anything here.”

Listen to the full interview with those students here:

By Steven Ramshay

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