How to start a society

Use your talent! Set up a society!

There is a severe lack of societies at the University of Cumbria’s Carlisle campuses. This is particularly bizarre considering our university prides itself on offering creative courses such as photography, drama, and fashion.

I spoke to some key players in the Students’ Union about how students should go about setting up a society and this is what they told me.

SU memebrs Rob George, Tom Underwood, Liam Walker and Rachel Garlick want you to join a society.


To re-cap here are the four simple stages to set up a society:

1. Get forms

Pop into your local SU office to collect forms or view online at

 2. Elect members

Hold a meeting to elect members for specific positions including Chairperson, captain, treasurer, secretary, and decide the aims of the group.

3. Get affiliated

Forms are approved by the Campus Collective Groups for affiliation to the SU and creates your bank account.

4. Good to go!

Start meeting regularly, fundraising for trips and kit, holding socials, updating your group’s info page on the Students’ Union website.

Still not sure?

If you are still not convinced about staring up a society, some of the key players at the SU will try and persuade you…

Why should I get involved with societies?

I want to start a society; what help is available?

What societies have you been in?

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