Your SU. Who’s money?

With the rise in tuition fees, officials at the University Of Cumbria’s Student Union have spoken out about their new plans to make their funding even more student-centred.

Daryl Ormerod, SU General Manager wants a union that is valuable to all students

For the next academic year, the SU is set to receive a fixed block grant from the government.

The proposed formula will divide the block grant by the number of full-time students enrolled at the UoC.

The Union will then work out a number of pounds-per-student-head and that figure is set to rise or fall depending on the number of students registered at the university. The Union is roughly looking at £50-£55 per student head.

Daryl Ormerod, General Manager at the University Of Cumbria’s Student Union explains: “We won’t be working on the basis that each student is worth £55 of expenditure, but we will try and create a Student’s Union that’s valuable to everyone wherever they are and whatever they study.”

The way that the SU currently spends its money is a major talking point.

Many students would like to see some important changes in the way things are run around the sites whether that is the learning resources available or the clubs and societies on offer.

Elaine Reeves, the SU Finance Officer says: “The Student Union expenditure is generally even throughout the Union. I would say that the student activities and sports tends to be the biggest area of expense.”

With the increase in fees however, it is clear that the Union will have to up its game for students to feel as if they are getting their moneys worth for their time at university.

The Informer’s Sarah Wright went to Lancaster to investigate the issue further.



The Informer’s Sarah Wright then took this issue to the students of the UoC to see how they felt about the finance situation.

See their response by following the link below:

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