Jake Jones encourages students to get on their bikes

Jake Jones

Cumbria student Jake Jones is encouraging students to get on their bikes to help the environment, as he campaigns in the University’s student union election.

Business Management student Jake Jones, is running to be Ethical and Environmental Rep, he says students should cycle as it’s is ‘clean, easy and cheap.’

“The university does bike rentals, but only 30% of these bikes are rented out, I can’t see how we cannot get 100% out of 10,000 students here at the University.

“I genuinely believe this is because of the lack of advertisement but also perhaps, because of price, improvements can be made.

As well as increasing Cumbria students use of cycling, Jake says he is hoping to move the university further up the green league performance, increase community events and encourage more trees to be planted on the university grounds.

Jake says the reason he got into cycling was originally because of convenience: “When I was living at home and in Carlisle, walking generally took too long, the buses weren’t particularly regular.

“It became a passion, when the weather is nice I always choose the bicycle over the car. Cycling was clean, easy and cheap.

On the overall environmental impact of cycling individually Jake said: “Its effects are probably minimal, but, if students come together and collectively halve bus transport or car by a little it will gradually have an effect.

He has already caused much laughter on Cumbria campuses, with his campaign video featuring Jake singing his policies, while wearing a bow tie and also providing his own backing track. Jake said: “I don’t mind looking a bit of a tit, so long as I get some votes.”

Jake amongst many other candidates has been campaigning around UoC campuses, throughout the two-week voting period. He’ll be running against incumbent Environmental Rep Sian Hill and Felicity Sugden.

Asked what made him want to stand in the elections, Jake said: “I wanted to get more involved in the union, and what better way than to stand.

On why students should vote, Jake said: “Students should vote because it’s their union, they ultimately have control over what goes on at uni.”

Andy Hamilton

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