Kieran laughs his way to stand-up stardom

A Carlisle student is trying to carve out a career in comedy.

Kieran Cooper, 22, is a third year performing arts student at the University of Cumbria and has already had successful start out to a life in comedy after gaining a good reputation around the local comedy scene.

Despite hecklers, and even having a pint thrown over him, he’s still as enthusiastic as ever and has even been likened to Russell Howard.

Blackpool born Kieran organised and performed at his own headline comedy show called ‘Smile’ last year at the Brampton road campus.

When asked if that performance had gained him any more attention he said: “Yeah it has, I mean a few people have noticed me around uni, and people I don’t know know me, which is strange.”

Kieran originally started taking part in open mic nights around Blackpool, and once at university his tutors recognised his potential and helped get him to get his first proper gig.

“Beccy Barns, my tutor here has a lot of connections to comedians, she knows a lot about comedy so she got me to do my first gig which was at Source Cafe, which was amazing.

“I did a lot of general stuff about being ginger and it went down a storm, people really liked it and I was so surprised, and then it just snowballed from there.”

Although he originally started writing and performing for a bit of fun, Kieran admits that performing is addictive.

“Once I realised that all the jokes that I wrote paid off and everyone finds them dead funny, it felt really good, and it’s a good experience.

“It’s a different buzz you get from acting and what not, and I just continued.”

Although he has now started to find his feet in the world of comedy, it hasn’t all been plain-sailing for Kieran, as is the same with many up and coming comics.

“In the early days nobody would really listen to me, everyone was talking, people swearing at me, heckling me.

“I even got a pint thrown over me in Blackpool, but you learn more from them gigs.

“It puts you off for a few days, but it’s just one of them gigs, you just get over it.”

Kieran performs regularly around Carlisle, at venues such as Source Café, Foxes and in May will be taking part in a gig at the Brickyard.

Paul Warner

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