Smokers’ plight continues

The cigarette bin thought to have been hit by a car

Students at the University’s Brampton Road campus are being told to stand amongst traffic to smoke.

The University has built smoking shelters on its campuses in an effort to stop smokers puffing away around the entrances to its main buildings.

However, many student smokers seem to be ignoring the initiative and the many signs imploring them to use the shelters – a situation which has lead to tensions with some non-smoking staff and students.

One student smoker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “I used the smoking shelter when it went up because I thought I would get into trouble. Nobody has said anything to us about standing by the entrance though, so I just go there instead. It’s easier.

“No thought has been put into it.”

The University says it has built the shelters to promote ‘considerate smoking’, and also believes it to be a ‘health and safety’ issue.

A statement said: “The vision of a group of smokers around the entrance to each building is not a desirable welcome to anyone visiting the institution.”

Despite insistence from university officials, students are still turning up at the front entrance and in turn are being ushered across the car park to smoke by the bin.

Whilst still further from the entrance, students must be wary at all times of vehicle traffic which frequents the car park.

Recently the bin used for cigarette ends was discovered with heavy dents, seemingly falling victim to a car straying too close to the area.

The University has quashed suggestions from one lecturer that fines would be introduced to force smokers to light up away from campus buildings, adding that it would be “impossible to police.”

Graeme Finch

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