Student band to play all-day charity cancer gig

L to R: Adam Millington, ‘The Sloath’ – Drums; Celt Davies Kenny, ‘Celt’ – Vocals/Guitar; Arron Frodsham, ‘The Wizard’ – Guitar; and Jonathan Snodgrass, ‘Alchemist’ – Bass Guitar

Lancashire Metal act Mammoth Axe, featuring current and former Cumbria students, are making their live debut this Saturday at an all day gig at the Yorkshire House in aid of ovarian cancer awareness month.

Celt Davies Kenny, Mammoth Axe frontman and English & creative writing student at the Lancaster campus, said: “We’re definitely well excited for it. It’s a great cause to be part of.”

Celt told the Informer Online that rehearsals had been going well ahead of the gig: “I was having doubts at first about whether we were gonna work together well, but everything’s easier than I thought it was gonna be. We’ve progressed a lot faster.

Drummer Adam Millington said he’s really looking forward to their gig: “Its all been sort of flowing together nicely. If we get it sorted, the gigs gonna sound really great.”

As well as the Yorkshire House gig, Mammoth Axe is currently putting together their first EP.

Celt started up the stoner/doom metal band with flatmate and former Cumbria sports science student Adam Millington, who started jamming slow heavy riffs in their student flat basement back in 2011. They soon recruited former Lancaster uni student Arron Frodsham, and Jonathon Snodgrass on bass two months ago.

Citing Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality album as an influence on the sound, Celt described doom/stoner metal subgenre as being: “All about the mixture of heavy, slow riffs played in unison by everyone in the band, and dark or mysterious lyrical content.

“Arron brought all sorts of much, much heavier and doomier vibes to the table and just dropped this ridiculous heaviness.”

Along with Black Sabbath, the band cite The Sword, Orange Goblin, Electric Wizard and Sleep amongst heavy influences on the sound.
Frontman Celt doesn’t doubt how metal Mammoth Axe are: “My guitar gets covered in blood on the top half from an abrasion against my arm when I’m playing. That looks pretty f*cking metal. I also ate a fox once.”
The event will run between 3pm and 1am March 16, and also include Alternative, Metal and Punk acts Hammers, Pine Barrens, Lies, All Lie and many others.

The gig’s already raised £274.79 for the appeal, through donations online before even beginning.

Attendees wont be charged a fixed price for entry, but instead pay any amount they want to donate to The Eve Appeal for research into ovarian cancer. There will also be a raffle at the event with prizes such as Buckfast and single malt whisky.

Laura Wade, who is organizing the event at the Yorkshire House says that she’s looking forward to the gig:”It’s going to be messy and fun and hopefully raise a lot of money”, adding that she thinks: “All the bands are awesome”.

Andy Hamilton

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