Students demand on-campus newsagents

Universities across the country are campaigning for ‘No More Page 3’ and the University of Sheffield have even banned The Sun newspaper from being sold on their campus. The University of Cumbria, however, doesn’t have any outlet to buy any newspapers on their campuses.

Despite offering media courses at the Brampton Road campus, students are not able to buy newspapers at the university because there is not a vendor available to sell them.

Students’ Union Representational Sabbatical Matt Tennatt said: “When we used to run the SU shop in Lancaster we used to sell The Guardian in there; but that was because we ordered it in cheaply from NUS.

“To the best of my knowledge there isn’t any University or SU policy which prohibits the selling of newspapers on campus.

“I can only speculate, but I’m assuming we don’t sell newspapers on campus because there isn’t a shop or newsagent or vendor able to sell them.”

In a Visual & Written Media Programme Quality Committee meeting in February, Journalism students requested access to newspapers and magazines on campus but were told they would have to buy them from a corner shop down the road, in Stanwix.

LISS, however, did advise that there is a University database that allows access to newspaper subscriptions on site.

We shall not be seeing any hard copies of newspapers or magazines being sold at the university in the near future but LISS is setting up sessions to show where and how to use online university newspaper systems.

Jack Stride

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