We’re “not too worried” about nuclear war, say UOC’s Korean alumni

Korean students who studied at Cumbria have gave their views on the nuclear crisis that’s has been triggered since North Korea’s threats of war.

Although the students are all living in the capital Seoul, only live 35 miles from the heavily militarised border with their secretive nuclear armed neighbours, most say they’re not worried by the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s threats.

Kim Jong Un looking at Seoul, admiring their high speed wi-fi connections

Rosa Kim, who studied English & Creative Writing at Cumbria, says most people in the city aren’t worried and just carry on as usual and described North Korea’s behaviour as absurd and stupid:

“People are not too worried about it. Believe it or not, we are not concerned about their absurd behaviour too much. They always act like that, too stupid.

“Things are not too different, it doesn’t change too much. We just live ordinary lives, eating regularly, working out normally.”

Seo Hyun Lee, who studied alongside Rosa, says she doesn’t think most Koreans take the threats of nuclear conflict seriously: “The media don’t say much about it. We think they do it because they want something like food aid.”

Byungjune Park, who is now doing his two year national service with the army, agreed, but thinks with the thought that war could break out people should be concerned: “Of course I’m worried, the war can break out any minute. However this kind of threat we’ve been through before.

“We’ve been living with our enemy more than half century. You can say people are just too accustomed with this situation.

“I believe when South Korea became a wealthier and more developed country, North Korea started this nonsense and meaningless threats.”

Byungjune Park

He went on to say: “People know that it’s the north who would be disadvantaged. [The] U.S. is on our side and even China has turned their back on North Korea.

“The president has stated that we won’t just sit by and watch their armed provocation. She said we’ll take immediate action against their force.”

On the division between the two Koreas, which have been divided since the end of WW2 and never signed a peace agreement at the end of the Korean War, Byungjune said: “It’s really a tragedy that this peninsula is divided into two. It’s heart-breaking.”

From another side of the world, Victor Ortiz – a student originally from New York – doesn’t think most Americans are too worried about conflict escalating, but living in such a major city is a worry if any nuclear warheads get fired:

“A lot of the rest of America is just like ‘nothing will happen’, while a lot of New Yorkers would rather keep an eye on it. If something happens we’re screwed.”

Andy Hamilton

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