Comedian Chris makes a pitch for the big time

A UoC student is making his big comedy debut in a  stand-up show at the home of Carlisle United.

Chris Martin, a third year Performing Arts student, will perform his one-man show Chr!slexic at Brunton Park this Friday (Nov 29).

The show focuses on a variety of topics including learning difficulties, relationships and Scottish independence.

Chris Martin: Playing for laughs at Brunton Park

Chris is doing the show as part of his university course. He says he’s looking forward to gaining experience performing in front of an audience in a private venue.

“I wanted to venture out of the university theatres and I’m a big football fan so doing stand up at a football stadium is a bit of dream for me.”

The inspiration for the show comes from his own experiences and family stories.

All the material and sketches are written by the man himself and have proved popular with audiences so far, but this will be his biggest test yet.

Chris has wanted to become a comedian ever since he went to a stand-up workshop during his second year at University. He also worked as a “Funstar” in the Haven holiday park at Devon Cliffs, putting on shows and entertainment for holidaymakers.

Although he is performing the show as part of a course module, Chris is hoping to take the act on after he finishes university, and it may be the beginning of a career in comedy.

“I can’t wait to have an audience to perform to, there is only so much practicing in front of a mirror that you can do and I am excited to challenge myself with new material in a different environment.”

The show will take place in the Foxes restaurant at Brunton Park on November 29 at 9pm. Tickets are on sale now, £4 or £3 for students and can be reserved online by visiting, or by contacting Chris on Twitter @cjmartin29.

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