Student Chris wows the crowd at stand up debut

Student comedian Chris Martin made his stand up debut last Friday, performing in front of a sizeable audience in the Foxy’s Restaurant at Brunton Park, the home of Carlisle United.

This was the first time that Chris had performer his one man show Chr!slexic, a show made up of both sketch and stand up material that was all written by the man himself.

Right from the start, Chris held his audience brilliantly and it was obvious that performing in front of a crowd was nothing new to him, timing most of his jokes well and playing the crowd.

All jokes and sketches used in the gig were based on Chris’s own life experiences and stories from his family including his joyriding grandma, his ex girlfriend moving to New Zealand after they split up and jokes about Carlisle and his hometown of Leicester.

Chris is also blessed with the ability to laugh at and make fun of himself and jokes him being single and possibly a bit camp went down well with the crowd, especially his “me and my laptop are friends, you have to be when you’re single” joke. He also made reference to the fact that he shares a name with Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin and that he tried to change it when he was younger, only to find out when he typed his new chosen name into google that it was the name of a famous pornstar.

Some of the material on show was very on the edge humour which appealed to me but might have been interpreted as too far by some people. Jokes about Alzheimer’s and Madeline McCann may have divided opinion in the audience but to be fair to Chris he had the guts to go ahead with these jokes, knowing full well they were a bit controversial.

Having said that Chris showed incredible showmanship without and rounded off the show with an encore dressed as a woman singing hits from Shania Twain and ‘I dreamed a dream’ from hit musical Les Miserables.

All in all, a good Friday night’s entertainment and good first gig for Chris who could surely use this as a base to build a comedy career from, room for improvement but he certainly has the ability to take his show further.

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