Cumbria’s Gay Friendly University


Fusehill Street, UoC

Our university has been named one of the most gay friendly universities in the UK.

A survey by Stonewall, a prominent gay rights charity, ranked the University of Cumbria in the top four lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) friendly uni’s in the North West.

Gay by Degree rated universities on ten

criteria, including student welfare support and events held for LGBT students, and the University of Cumbria hit nine out of ten marks. The only section UoC failed on was ‘student sexual orientation monitoring’, but we still scored an impressive 90%, the same score as the University of Liverpool and University of Central Lancashire.

Stonewell gave the university credit for their commitment to their LBGT students, saying: “Cumbria hosts LGB evenings weekly at different campuses to build relationships.

They are also active members of local LGBT groups OutReach Cumbria and PinC”

The charity also went on to comment on

the gay scene in Carlisle as well as other cities where UoC are based.

The gay scene depends on the campus at which you’re based, with a few gay-oriented locales in Carlisle, and gay-friendly – if not LGBT-designated – bars in the other towns where the University is based.”

Although the University’s Chancellor, Archbishop of York Dr. John Sentamu, has been vocal on his opposition to gay marriage,  UoC insists that Sentamu’s views do not reflect the university’s stance on gay students.

The University believes in supporting every student regardless of their sexual orientation andhas set out a Sexual Orientation and Gender

Reassignment Policy Statement  detailing their stance on LGBT issues throughout university life.

With a relatively small university ranking so high on the Gay by Degree survey it is clear to see that this is an important issue to the University of Cumbria. We would love to hear your views on this story, and the University’s LGBT policy, in the comments below.


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