“Am I Going to be Expelled for This?”


This is the question a 23-year-old student at Fresno State University in California was asking police after being detained. Not for setting off fire extinguishers or any other prank you would associate with university, no. This particular student had been caught with his pants down (literally)…in a barn full of sheep.


Police were first notified to the incident by a passer-by who heard strange noises coming from the Fresno Sheep Unit at around 3AM on Tuesday 11th November. Upon entering the building officers found the student with his pants down and lying on top of one of the animals.


The fifth year computer engineering student has blamed his brief flirtation with beastiality on being “stressed” about the upcoming exams and after drinking an unknown amount of alcohol had come to the shed to beat on the sheep to let off some stress however, when first asked what he was doing he replied he was wrestling with the cattle.


When the officers on the scene made him aware that there were in fact no cattle in sight the intoxicated student admitted he had come to the shed to beat the sheep and let off some steam saying that “it was all the same”


Speaking to KSFN, student Marisa Burkdoll said that “It’s just kind of disgusting and revolting and personally makes me angry; I mean why would you do that?


It’s just kind of sick it’s unnatural and the animals they can’t really, I mean they can’t defend themselves, they can to an extent but they’re innocent you know what I mean?”


Students working at the sheep barn were not allowed to discuss the incident but that hasn’t stopped it making an appearance onto social media and has spawned the Twitter handle @FresnoStSheep.


The male student has since been charged with sexual assault of an animal and has been released from custody.


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