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University of Cumbria student, Katie-May Garrett had the experience of a life time this year when she contacted US summer camp agency, Camp Leaders. Not only did she get the chance to live in America for three long months, she also met new friends for life and was paid to do it.

For just £539, you could easily be just like Katie-May. Camp Leaders is an agency which, as of when you are accepted, will; improve your application form, send it to US Summer Camps, organise your flights, insurance, Visa, transfers, food and accommodation for your full 2-3 months experience.

Hundreds of students each year go to Camp Leaders for help making their American dream come true. This past summer, Katie-May was one of those hundreds.

The Dudley born student filled in an easy online application at campleaders.com which led to a successful phone and face to face interview before receiving the news that she had been accepted.

“I taught drama at a camp in New York State. I also assisted on excursions to places like water parks, theme parks, residential trips and other camp activities like arts and crafts, boating, zip-lining, dancing and baseball.”

Not only has the 20 year old gained this amazing experience, she has also bagged herself a job with Camp Leaders. Katie-May is now the Cumbria brand ambassador for Camp Leaders and helps future leaders fill in applications and interviews them before choosing who’s in and who’s out.

Although Katie-May is a Musical Theatre and Drama student, you don’t have to be a master in performing arts to be accepted. Anyone with any talent can apply to Camp Leaders and have this incredible chance and earn £1500 for two to three months.

The process also helps towards building up an impressive CV. And what student wouldn’t want that? Katie-May went on to apply for two teaching courses who have accepted her simply because of the experience that Camp Leaders have given her.
“Working with Camp Leaders was the most amazing and life changing experience I have ever had. Why spend a summer in England when you could be out exploring the USA!”

If you’re interested in applying for Camp Leaders or want any more information on the agency, contact Katie-May on 07552761834 or email katiemay.garratt@nt.campleaders.com.

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